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Cardiac Imaging Case Review Series 2Ed

line_weight Cardiologia query_builder 09.03.2016 a las 01:17 hs.

Cardiac Imaging: Case Review helps you effectively prepare for certification, recertification, and practice in cardiovascular imaging with case studies that test your knowledge of all essential topics. This updated medical reference book allows you to see how to make confident, final diagnoses through accurate pattern recognition, clinical correlation, and differential diagnosis.
"This book is well written and comprehensive, with far more detail than would be required for standard radiology or cardiology training.
I would recommend it to any radiologist or cardiologist with more than a passing interest in cardiovascular imaging". Reviewed by/b] Dr Edward Nicol, Royal Brompton Hospital    Date/b] October 2014

Review cases organized by level of difficulty with multiple-choice questions and answers that mimic the new format of cardiovascular radiology certification and recertification exams.

Easily access in-depth explanations of any aspect of cardiac imaging with handy page references to current works, including Dr. Stephen W. Miller’s Cardiac Imaging, 2nd Edition.

Stay current with the aid of updated cases covering cardiac radiology, CT, and CT angiography.

Gain a better understanding of all the material necessary for the exam
 through multiple examples of each existing heart disease entity.

Cardiac Imaging Case Review Series 2Ed

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